George Harrison as a Child Photographed by Arthur Fields

by elzorrerofilms

George Harrison as a child (left) with his Mother and brother photographed by Arthur Fields in Dublin

George Harrison as a child (left) photographed by Arthur Fields

If you stand in one spot with a camera for over fifty years a few celebrities are bound to pass by.

Man on Bridge is an interactive documentary about Arthur Fields, a street photographer who captured an estimated 182,500 photos of passersby on O’Connell Bridge from the early 1930s until the mid 1980s. Man on Bridge has been entered into the Arthur Guinness Projects and if it receives enough votes it will be funded.

Above is a photograph by Arthur Fields of George Harrison of the Beatles as a child (left) with his Mother and brother.

If you’d like to learn more about Arthur and see more pictures like the one above then please vote to help ensure the project can happen. You can vote once a day so please vote as often as you can.